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6464 Yonge St, Toronto ON, M2M 3X4. Centerpoint Mall Tel: 416-402-0693 Fax: 416-665-3671


The Galleria Art n' Frame

Toronto 's Premiere Full Service Art & Custom Picture Frame Dealer

Framing with a touch of magnificence, it is what we are all about! With a symmetrical definition of angles, the beauty layered with every finish, perfect blend of color and shape, the style that sets detail into a dashing tone of passion and harmony-all this and more framing feats will free your imagination through quality framing and art decoration works at The Galleria Art n' Frame!

Looking for perfect framing skills and exquisite flair of an artist? Well then, The Galleria Art n' Frame is Here!!!

We provide services that are seasoned to perfection to give you the finest custom picture framing, canvas stretching, jersey framing and other decorative framing almost resembling a museum ambiance in all of Toronto areas. Now if you think framing is a problem, not anymore! We fasten assurance and render world class framing performance that can vie for the best in custom picture framing and superior customer service in Toronto. We complete framing project in the brightest solution that our team of reliable framers and designers provides. At The Galleria Art n' Frame every art work and custom framing procedure butters up workmanship to a tee. Elegance and class, professionalism, superior quality-what more can you ask for?

We are the Progenitor of Beauty & Harbinger of Successful Future Framing Projects...

The Galleria Art n' Frame specializes in custom picture framing, canvas stretching, jersey framing, pop culture posters, oil paintings, canvas art, prints, custom mirror and others just to name a few. As a trusted dealer in Toronto, we are proud to deliver unusual framing products and services that will surely grab your fancy. Since we frame almost anything and everything, our canvas stretching, jersey framing and unique display of canvas wall art and other craft speak of excellence and magnificence dovetailed with superb selection of materials to make a product a long lasting creation of fine art decorations and masterpieces.

We provide genuine picture frames and service art project. We do not offer a simulacrum of beautiful things... We are ORIGINAL!!!

See our frames ...they are built to last! With the right service art and picture frame dealer, you will not suffer what artists and writers call 'the anxiety of influence.'' At The Galleria Art n' Frame all works are guaranteed original and bearing high quality result. Call us now for a quote!

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